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Transform gathers insightful minds in podcast and event formats to discuss the transformation of markets with technology, from finance to food industries

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Transform event unites entrepreneurs, CEOs, digital asset transformers, and investors within the Humla network, aiming to provide insights into upcoming trends in the future transformation of market ecosystems.

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October 2nd-4th, 2023



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Humla network of entrepreneurs, investors and educators

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Transform podcast series hosted by Greg Carson and sponsored by Humla Ventures that explores the dynamic forces driving financial market changes, offering expert insights from industry leaders and visionary entrepreneurs on topics ranging from real-world asset tokenization to the influence of AI on trading and the evolving landscape of banking.

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Episode #1: Venture Secondaries with Industry Ventures

In this inaugural episode, we dive deep into the realm of venture secondaries, a pivotal facet of the financial markets that's reshaping the landscape of investment. Prepare for an engaging podcast episode as our managing partner Greg Carson will host two exceptional guests and together they'll be unpacking the recent uptick in secondary appetite and the wide array of opportunities it presents.

Episode #2: Digital Asset Secondaries with STIX

In this second episode, we dive deep into the realm of digital asset secondaries, an emerging asset class that has seen an increase in appetite over the past few years. How does sourcing work in this secondary market? How does it differ from token and equity deals? Prepare for an engaging podcast episode as our managing partner Greg Carson will have the pleasure to host Taran Sabharval, CEO of STIX, a Humla portfolio company that just launched a digital asset secondary marketplace.

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